New Publications (2017-2023)

Multi-level projection with exponential parallel
speedup; Application to sparse auto-encoders
neural networks

Guillaume Perez and Michel Barlaud

Near-Linear Time Projection onto the L1, Infty Ball Application to Sparse Autoencoders.

Guillaume Perez, Laurent Condat and Michel Barlaud
Submitted to the journal of Artificial Intelligence, July 2023
arXiv: 2307.09836 July 2023

L1Infty_final.pdf (803.42 KB)

Detecting subtle transcriptomic perturbations induced by lncRNAs Knock-Down in single-cell CRISPRi screening using a new sparse supervised autoencoder neural network

Marin Truchi, Michel Barlaud, Bernard Mari et al
Accepted  to Journal Frontiers in Bioinformatics Feruary 2024

bioRxiv. posted 11 July 2023,

SAE_PCB.pdf (229.15 KB)

Learning Sparse Auto-encoders for Green AI Image Coding.

Cyprien Gille, Frédéric Guyard, Marc Antonini, member IEEE, and Michel Barlaud, Fellow IEEE
ICASSP 2023 Rhodos Greece
arXiv:2208.O4448 september 2023

CAE_ICASSP23.pdf (1.62 MB)

New Semi-supervised Classification Method Using a Supervised Autoencoder for Biomedical.

Cyprien Gille, Frederic Guyard and Michel Barlaud, Fellow IEEE
ICASSP 2023 Rhodos Greece
arXiv:2208.10315 september 2023


Computational Intelligence Using a Supervised Autoencoder Neural Network With Multi-categorical Medical Data for Thyroid Nodule Diagnosis.

Cyprien Gille, Grégoire D'Andrea, Thierry Pourcher and Michel Barlaud
18th Conference on Computational Intelligence
Methods for Bioinformatics Biostatistics (CIBB 2023) Padoue Italy

Thyroide-final.pdf (246.71 KB)

Efficient Projection Algorithms onto the Weighted `1 Ball.

Guillaume Perez, Sebastian Ament, Carla Gomes, Michel Barlaud
Journal of Artificial Intelligence March 2022

Efficient Clustering Using Alternating Minimization and a Projection-gradient Method for Dimension Reduction.

Cyprien Gilet, Marie Deprez, Pacal Barbry ,Jean-Baptiste Caillau and Michel Barlaud
International Conference  on Image Processing 2022 Bordeaux 


Efficient Diagnosis With Confidence Score Using a New Supervised Autoencoder With Structural Constraints for Clinical Metabolomic Studies.

David Chardin, Cyprien Gille, Thierry Pourcher, Olivier Humbert and Michel Barlaud
BMC Bioinformatics  July 2022

Mitotic Index Determination on Live Cells From Label-free Acquired Quantitative Phase Images Using a Supervised Autoencoder.

Philippe Pognonec, Axel Gustovic, Zied Djabari, Thierry Pourcher and Michel Barlaud Fellow,IEEE
IEEE Trans on computational biology and bioinformatics september 2021


Classification and Feature Selection Using a Primal-dual Method and Projection on Structured Constraints.

Michel Barlaud, Antonin Chambolle and Jean-Baptiste Caillau

ICPR 2020-21 Milan 

1797.pdf (942.42 KB)

Learning a Sparse Generative Non-parametric Supervised Autoencoder.

Michel Barlaud and Frédéric Guyard

ICASSP 2021 Toronto Canada

ICASSP-Toronto.pdf (490.37 KB)

PD-CR: a New Classification Method Primal-Dual for Classification With Rejection (PD-CR): a Novel Method for Classification and Feature Selection. Example of an application in omics studies.

David Chardin, Olivier Humbert, Caroline Bailleux, Fanny Burel-Vandenbos, Thierry Pourcher and Michel Barlaud
 Springer Nature BMC Bioinformatics December 2021


Robust Classification With Feature Selection Using an Application of the Douglas-Rachford Splitting Algorithm.

Michel Barlaud and Marc Antonini
ESAIM: PROCEEDINGS AND SURVEYS, June 2021, Vol. 71, p. 11-20

ESAIM.pdf (1.14 MB)

Learning Sparse Deep Neural Networks Using Efficient Structured Projections on Convex Constraints for Green Ai.

Michel Barlaud, Frederic Guyard

ICPR  Milan Italy  2020-21

DNN-ICPR-Milan.pdf (613.83 KB)



Robust Supervised Classification and Feature Selection Using a Primal-Dual Method.

Michel Barlaud , Antonin Chambolle and Jean-Baptiste Caillau

ICPR  Milan Italy  2020-21
arXiv: 1902.1600 [cs.LG] 26 Feb 2019


A Filtered Bucket-clustering Method for Projection Onto the Simplex and the 1 Ball.

Guillaume Perez, Michel Barlaud, Lionel Fillatre and Jean-Charles Régin
Mathematical Programming 15 Mai 2019

Math-prog.pdf (909.3 KB)


Clustering With Feature Selection Using Alternating Minimization: Application to Computational Biology.

Cyprien Gilet, Marie Deprez, Jean-Baptiste Caillau and Michel Barlaud, 
arXiv:submit/2063940 [cs.AI] 8 Nov 2017

Arxiv_2017.pdf (1.24 MB)

Classification and Regression Using an Outer Approximation Projection-Gradient Method.

Michel Barlaud, Wafa Belhajali, Patrick L. Combettes, Lionel Fillatre
IEEE Trans on Signal Processing 2017

IEEE_SP_2017.pdf (1.25 MB)